Who We Are

The company Dehesas Reunidas S.L. has been made up of farmers who, for generations, have been settled in four main valleys in the provinces of Córdoba, Ciudad Real and Badajoz.

Dehesas Reunidas guarantees the highest quality iberian pure de bellota through its direct presence in all stages of production:

  • We are farmers: the breeding and fattening process takes place in the best pastures of our partners and is supervised by our technicians to choose only 100% pure iberian, 100% bellota (acorn). This distinguishes it from crossbred pigs.
  • We are industrialists: the entire curing process takes place in our natural cellars and drying chambers, where time stops in order to achieve slow curing of the ham, therefore guaranteeing that the aroma, taste and texture of authentic iberian pure de bellota remains.

To this end, Dehesas Reunidas only suppliers are farmers which are partners, without the acceptance of third party products, ensuring that each piece the consumer receives is traceable and controlled, and that all information regarding the original animals, their fattening process, and the transformation and curing process is available.



The whole salting, drying and curing process in natural cellars is carried out in our factory in the Córdoba villa of Bélmez, in the Guadiato Valley. The firm has a total size of 3,800 m² of facilities for the production process, of which 1,200 m² are natural cellars where the ham and shoulders sit until they go out to market to be enjoyed by our customers.

Our facilities include cold storage, where the ham and pork products are received from the abattoir and stored until they enter the production process. The classification, labelling and salting of the pieces is carried out traditionally and so they are washed prior to being put in the drying chambers where, during a controlled process which varies in length, excess moisture is removed from the ham and shoulders, allowing them to safely mature in natural cellars.

The factory also includes various product handling rooms, designed to prepare them for the needs of our clients. This includes boning, slicing, vacuum packing and packaging, based on demand. Our facilities also include a modern sausage factory, where the most modern production systems are combined with traditional processing techniques, meaning our sausages (loin, chorizo, pepperoni, fillet, etc.) remind consumers of traditionally matanzas (prepared home).

We invite you to see the process You'll love it!